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Bamboo Bodies is the most innovative approach to fitness and with this membership, you’re joining a community of like minded people who want to train for ability without the sweat, pain and fatigue that can come from your ‘typical’ exercise.

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The Bamboo Bodies Basics Membership includes:


Every week you’ll receive two videos that train you to move with confidence and ability. Explore Qigong exercises to soften your movements and feel less rigid. Play as you once did as a child with games that will help your memory, your vision and balance. 

All videos can be downloaded so you can watch offline!




Bamboo Bodies is more than just fitness, we are a community. Evidence-based science has shown over and over again how community helps with cognitive awareness, eases chronic pain and gives us purpose to live longer and happier. 

You’ll have access to a LIVE Q&A Series called  ‘QiTime with Angi’. 

You’ll get tips on seasonal nutrition, lifestyle and self-care.

All lessons pertain to that week’s classes.

If you miss a live class, no worries, all ‘QiTime’ sessions are recorded and are saved in your Bamboo Bodies Community library so you can watch anytime. 


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Basics vs Intermediate…


Slower movement and more modified options

Isolated movement will give you more time to settle into the form and drills

We take more time to mobilize the joints and awaken the body for movement

You can sit for the class & there’s little floor work

You will be safe in this class and you will  learn to train within your current ability.


We explore the movement with a faster flow

You will be given more options in your movement ranging from modified to advanced

Some brains function best under more load, so I offer more challenges to better your movement

I offer more (optional) floor work

You will be safe in this class and you will learn to train within your current ability

Bamboo Bodies Basics Membership
Bamboo Bodies Intermediate Membership